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Model: 540 mm
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The ST-22 is perfect for long-distance riding in comfort with its long wheelbase, light tubeset and stable steering geometry. 57mm brakes give you a clean road look with the ability to fit fenders and larger (up to 32C tires). Using proven long distance handling, lightweight tubing, the Sport Touring platform offers great comfort and easy handling.


Designed for comfort and stability over long distances, this is the choice for pure century riders and those who enjoy credit card and other forms of light touring. The long wheelbase provides excellent vertical compliance, while the steering makes the bike feel like it steers itself, so the rider can enjoy the full riding experience.

Brake / Shift Routing:

Fits 57mm standard reach dual pivot brakes and major derailleur systems. 57mm brakes offer excellent braking with increased tire and fender clearance. Braze-on derailleur optional.


OS Tubeset which provides extra stiffness in the bottom bracket area and extra vertical compliance for great ride comfort.

Frame Construction:

Waterford OS lugset and matching tubeset, including compatibility with 1 1/8 inch steerer tubes.