RS14 Box Pinstriping
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Model: 520 mm
Black / Box Pinstripe
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The RS-14 gives you the versatile Road Sport platform in a made-to-measure design. Great for racing, centuries, fitness riding, commuting and even entry level triathlons, our OS2 tubeset offers light weight, quick acceleration and a solid ride.


Road Sport handling serves a broad spectrum of competitors and enthusiasts. The longer wheelbase offers excellent vertical compliance and the steering geometry supports long distance riding while still offering the exuberance connoisseurs desire.

Brake / Shift Routing:

49mm Racing dual pivot brakes.


OS2 takes the OS concept to a whole new level. Taking advantage of advanced air-hardening technology, offers lighter weight than the comparable OS tubesets with improved torsional rigidity.

Frame Construction:

14-Series OS2 TIG-welded construction offers design flexibility and light weight without compromising durability or strength.