Waterford Precision Cycles proudly built bicycle frames and forks from 1993 to 2023.  While the factory closed, we continue to support our community with products for restoration, customer service and those who love our brands.



Just added:  Support for Waterford Fitmaster owners.  The Fitmaster was a bike fitting machine sold by Waterford from 2004 to 2014.  You can find label artwork as well as owner’s manuals.

Touch-up Paint is now available:  We now offer 30 of our most popular one-step colors.  We also upgraded our touch-up bottle from the traditional glass to plastic bottles with built-in brush and shaker balls.  We’ll be adding more colors of the coming months, so stay tuned.  Click here to see our offerings and order paint.

You’ll find it in the menu, but here’s a link to our shopping page.  You can now order a range of Waterford decals.  We’ll be adding more products in the coming weeks, including touch-up paint (hopefully), replaceable frame inserts and other products.   Like all new stores, we’re shaking out the bugs, so feel free to use the contact page if you encounter any problems.

Looking for Waterford swag?  Check out these t-shirts and mugs.



After thirty years building the world’s finest bicycle frames and forks, we closing our factory on July 18, 2023.  We feel honored to have had the opportunity to serve the cycling community and our many fine dealers.  The web site, and selected parts will continue to be serviced through the site.  Stay tuned for details.



Waterford is no longer accepting orders for restoration and repair services.  Please check back in mid-August, 2023 for news, including possible referrals. 

Waterford’s legendary refinishing services have brought hundreds of frames back to life often to a better than original finish. Of course, we refinished Waterfords, Gunnars and Schwinn Paramounts,   Learn more . . .