Fixed Gear / Track

Track Racing has been in Waterford’s blood from the very beginning.  Waterford starts with an excellent “omnium” geometry, but can customize it for riders desiring to compete in specialized events such as sprints or pursuits.  Available as a 22-Series lug (as shown), 33-Series S3 or 14-Series OS 2 designs.

Fixed gear riding is one of the best ways to develop a smooth pedal stroke used for any other kind of cycling.  Take fixed gear riding to the road with safety and training features like brake cable routing and accommodations for fenders.

You can have any way you like it.

Showcase Track Geometries

Saddle Height (BB to top of saddle): mm
Headset Spacers (mm): mm


Fit Results

A. Saddle Height: 730 C. Saddle over Bars 68 mm
B. Saddle Top to Bars: 692 mm D. Est. Saddle Tip to Bars: 520 mm
Saddle Rails at Seat Tube x,y: -18.7, 65.4 cm
Handlebar Center x,y: 48.7, 61.8 cm

Frame/Bike Dimensions

Stack: 547 mm Reach: 403 mm
Standover Height: 817 mm Trail: 62 mm
Front Center: 574 mm Wheelbase: 962 mm

Seat Tube Stats

Top Tube Stats

Seatmast (ctop): 560 mm Top Tube (theoretical): 560 mm
Seatmast - C to C: 542 mm Top Tube (ctoc): 561 mm
Theo Seat Tube: 546 mm Top Tube Slope: 359.8 deg
Stack Seat Tube: 569 mm  

Other Stats:

Head Angle: 74.5 deg Seat Angle: 74.0 deg
Fork Offset (Rake): 30 mm Chainstay Length: 395 mm
Head Tube Len: 152 mm Bottom Bracket Drop: 55 mm
TT-HT Lip: 7.5 Lower Lip: 7.5
Fork Offset (Rake): 30 mm Chainstay Length: 395 mm
Axle to Crown: 0 mm Wheelbase: 962 mm
Caster Angle: 79.5 deg  


Foot overlap with front wheel may occur with this design.
Wheel Size: 700C
Seatpost Diam: 27.2mm Seatpost
Rear Spacing: 120mm Rear DO Spacing
Tire Clearance: 700C x 23C
Wheel Height: 672
TT Cable Guides: No brake cable stops
Rear Rack Mount: No rear rack mount
Seat Stay Bridge: No rear brake hole, drain holes only
Rear Brake Type: Track No Rear Brake, With Thru Hole
Canty Brake Arch: No rear canti brake cable bridge
Rear Eyelets: No rear eyelets
Shifter Routing: No shifter bosses
Frt Der Mount: Clamp-on front derailleur
SM WB Bosses: No WB bosses on seatmast
DT Top WB Bosses: No WB bosses on top of downtube
DT Underside WB bosses: No WB bosses under the DT
Crnk Clr: Bump for Track single chainring
Chainstay Bridge: No chainstay bridge
Toe Overlap: No chainstay bridge
Seatstay Attachment: Fastback Stays, No Bend
Rear Dropout: 571033-Stainless Track, No Eyelet

Fork Options

Waterford Track Fork

With its beefy custom round Reynolds 531 blades, investment cast crown and short rack “pista” geometry, this design can support riders at all levels of competition.  Available without brake holes for the track only, or with brake holes for off-track training and riding.

Wound-Up Zephyr

Track Fork

Looking for a track compatible carbon fork?  The Wound-Up Zephyr has the shortest rake of any composite fork out there.  That’s an important ingredient in great track handling.

Styling Options