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About Us

Waterford has been hand-crafting fine custom bicycle frames at its factory in Waterford, Wisconsin, 30 miles southwest of downtown Milwaukee.  Founded in 1993 by Richard Schwinn and Marc Muller, Waterford took over Schwinn Bicycle Company’s Paramount Design Group research and production facility.

Early on, Waterford established its reputation for innovative design.  It helped popularize cyclocross designs that started a generation of designs suited for a wide range of uses from cyclocross competition to training and even road racing.  With the Adventure Cycle in 1994, Waterford redefined the touring bike to include comfort, tire clearance and creature features.  In 1996, it added road fixed gear for riders with the benefits of fixed gear as a valuable training component.

Waterford through both custom designs and stock Gunnar designs, added 29″ wheel off=road designs, Rohloff drive-train models, the S3 road racing tubeset, single speed off-r0ad designs, disc brakes and a host of other innovations that have become part of the mainstream of cycling culture today.

Its reputation for craftmanship matches that for design and innovation.  Waterfords pioneered and continue to expand the use of stainless steel for fittings and even complete frames. It continues to expand its support of the riding community with its expanding restoration services for generations of fine machines getting a new lease on life.

It all in the service of our riders, to whom our business is dedicated.