R-33 Road Racing

Arguably the finest riding racing bike in the world, the R-33 builds on decades of support for the national and world championship cyclists.  Like a tightly wound spring, the R-33 gives back the energy you put into each pedal stroke, thanks to Waterford’s custom tubing palette based off the pioneering True Temper S-3 tube spec.

Waterford then customizes the tubeset and the geometry to optimize the riders performance and comfort.  Combine this with Waterfords extensive range of steel and composite forks, and the result is a glove fit with each rider’s needs and aspirations. Top it off with Waterford’s legendary craftsmanship and range of finishes, and the R-33 becomes the fastest rolling art you can buy.

Showcase Geometries

Envision yourself on one of these showcase geometries.  Of course, made to measure adjustements are included in the base price, as is the selection from Waterfords extensive range of tubing options.