22-Series Artisan Stainless

Enjoy the look of a classic chromed lug bike without the weight, corrosion problems and the environmental issues. Thanks to our mix of custom and standard stainless tubes, we can give you the widest range of design flexibility available for this remarkable material. This natural extension of Waterford’s virtuosity with stainless steel dropouts, lugs and other parts makes us uniquely equipped to provide skillfully and reliably executed masterpieces.

  • Each frame includes custom geometry with tubing individually selected to give you the desired feel and handling.
  • Our stock “Italian-cut” lugs offer a clean look that will stand the test of time.
  • Optional Newvex lugs gives you a classic look from half a century ago with today’s design and materials.
  • Our custom lug program eliminates limits on lug angles with several signature styles available.
  • You can order your stainless brazed frame anywhere from a fully painted bike to a fully polished mirror finish.