The Adventure Cycle

Whether tooling around town or trekking around the world, Waterford’s Adventure Cycle provides you the perfect platform.  Designed with a comfort fit, the Adventure Cycle keeps your head up for traffic as well as the sights.  Outfitted with three sets of water bottle bosses, fender mounts as well as front and rear racks, you’ve got room to store all the gear you need.  Its sturdy you surprisingly light construction comes from using the finest heat treated air hardening steels.  The result is a rock steady ride under load and in a wide range of riding conditions from the smoothest pavement to the rough that sometimes make a tour all the more spccial.  It all means that you can explore the world with confidence.

Shown here is the 14-Series model.  The Adventure Cycle is also available in a 22-Series version,  crafted with Waterford’s legendary lug construction.

Showcase Geometries


Saddle Height (BB to top of saddle): mm
Headset Spacers (mm): mm


Fit Results

A. Saddle Height: 730 C. Saddle over Bars 37 mm
B. Saddle Top to Bars: 677 mm D. Est. Saddle Tip to Bars: 504 mm
Saddle Rails at Seat Tube x,y: -19.3, 65.2 cm
Handlebar Center x,y: 46.8, 64.7 cm

Frame/Bike Dimensions

Stack: 573 mm Reach: 388 mm
Standover Height: 790 mm Trail: 63 mm
Front Center: 611 mm Wheelbase: 1044 mm

Seat Tube Stats

Top Tube Stats

Seatmast (ctop): 535 mm Top Tube (theoretical): 560 mm
Seatmast - C to C: 492 mm Top Tube (ctoc): 544 mm
Theo Seat Tube: 546 mm Top Tube Slope: 6.9 deg
Stack Seat Tube: 598 mm  

Other Stats:

Head Angle: 71.5 deg Seat Angle: 73.5 deg
Fork Offset (Rake): 50 mm Chainstay Length: 445 mm
Head Tube Len: 137 mm Bottom Bracket Drop: 80 mm
TT-HT Lip: 12.5 Lower Lip: 7.5
Fork Offset (Rake): 50 mm Chainstay Length: 445 mm
Axle to Crown: 0 mm Wheelbase: 1044 mm
Caster Angle: 79.6 deg  


Wheel Size: 700C
Seatpost Diam: 27.2mm Seatpost
Rear Spacing: 135mm Rear DO Spacing
Tire Clearance: Boulder 700C x 32C
Wheel Height: 690
TT Cable Guides: Split brake cable stops 7:00
Rear Rack Mount: Rear rack mount - 700C/29 In - Canti/Disc
Seat Stay Bridge: Canty/Disc - through hole, 26" ATB wheel w/fenders
Rear Brake Type: Canty Brake 700C
Canty Brake Arch: Canti brake cable bridge
Rear Eyelets: 2 Rear Eyelets
Shifter Routing: DT shift bosses
Frt Der Mount: No Front Derailleur Boss
SM WB Bosses: WB boss low on seatmast
DT Top WB Bosses: WB bosses on top of down tube
DT Underside WB bosses: WB bosses under down tube
Crnk Clr: Road (Shimano/Campy) double
Chainstay Bridge: Fender boss, up to 700x38C tires + fenders
Toe Overlap: Fender boss, up to 700x38C tires + fenders
Seatstay Attachment: Fastback w/5 deg bend
Rear Dropout: WPC Stainless Vertical, 2 eyelets
Rear Dropout Insert - Right (DS): BB Cable Guide Plus Drain Hole
Rear Dropout Insert - Non-Drive Side: BB Cable Guide Plus Drain Hole
Bottom of BB Holes: BB Cable Guide Plus Drain Hole

Canty Brake Touring Fork

With its durable construction, double eyelets and rack mounts, this fork is a true workhorse.  Available with the box top (as shown) or our sloped touring crown, you have your choice of front rack mounts, featuring those for the Tubus Tara low-rider.

Crowned Disc Fork

This fork features the look of a crowned fork with disc brakes and the ability support full loads.  Shown without the optional front rack mounts, you can choose form several stock placements.

Unifork for Touring

Our Unifork uni-crown forks can carry the big loads.  This version supports disc braking, good for wet weather and reduced rim wear.  Available with several stock low-rider rack mounts placements.

Styling Options