Saddle Height (BB to top of saddle): mm
Headset Spacers (mm): mm


Fit Results

A. Saddle Height: 730 C. Saddle over Bars 60 mm
B. Saddle Top to Bars: 689 mm D. Est. Saddle Tip to Bars: 516 mm
Saddle Rails at Seat Tube x,y: -19.3, 65.2 cm
Handlebar Center x,y: 47.9, 62.4 cm

Frame/Bike Dimensions

Stack: 553 mm Reach: 396 mm
Standover Height: 774 mm Trail: 55 mm
Front Center: 588 mm Wheelbase: 983 mm

Seat Tube Stats

Top Tube Stats

Seatmast (ctop): 500 mm Top Tube (theoretical): 560 mm
Seatmast - C to C: 480 mm Top Tube (ctoc): 546 mm
Theo Seat Tube: 546 mm Top Tube Slope: 6.3 deg
Stack Seat Tube: 577 mm  

Other Stats:

Head Angle: 73.5 deg Seat Angle: 73.5 deg
Fork Offset (Rake): 43 mm Chainstay Length: 405 mm
Head Tube Len: 137 mm Bottom Bracket Drop: 70 mm
TT-HT Lip: 12.5 Lower Lip: 7.5
Fork Offset (Rake): 43 mm Chainstay Length: 405 mm
Axle to Crown: 0 mm Wheelbase: 983 mm
Caster Angle: 80.7 deg  


Wheel Size: 700C
Seatpost Diam: 27.2mm Seatpost
Rear Spacing: 130mm Rear DO Spacing
Tire Clearance: 700 x 25C
Wheel Height: 672
TT Cable Guides: Split brake cable stops 7:00
Rear Rack Mount: No rear rack mount
Seat Stay Bridge: Caliper Brake Bridge Machined for Recessed Allen Bolt
Rear Brake Type: 49mm Caliper Brakes 700C
Canty Brake Arch: No rear canti brake cable bridge
Rear Eyelets: No rear eyelets
Shifter Routing: Head tube mounted, shift cable adjusters, M5 x 0.8
Frt Der Mount: No Front Derailleur Boss
SM WB Bosses: WB boss low on seatmast
DT Top WB Bosses: WB bosses on top of down tube
DT Underside WB bosses: No WB bosses under the DT
Crnk Clr: Road (Shimano/Campy) double
Chainstay Bridge: No chainstay bridge
Toe Overlap: No chainstay bridge
Seatstay Attachment: Fastback Stays, No Bend
Rear Dropout: Artisan Stainless Vertical Road Dropouts, No Eyelet
Rear Dropout Insert - Right (DS): No insert
Rear Dropout Insert - Non-Drive Side: No Left Side Rear Dropout Insert
Bottom of BB Holes: BB Cable Guide Plus Drain Hole