Repair and Restoration Process


Our professional approach to restorations relies on our proven approach to the process.

  • It starts with either a phone call or by completing our Restoration Form.
  • This triggers our creating a customer record for you and a tentative order for this restoration.  We may call you to get the details and to anticipate problems that might crop up.
  • We issue you a order number (sometimes referred to as an RA number).  Place this number on the outside of your shipping box, so we know what to do with it once it arrives.
  • Once we receive your shipment, we inventory what you sent and then perform an appraisal of the work to be done and any issues we see.
  • We then contact you, typically by phone, to discuss your case and settle on a course of action.
  • We prepare a detailed order, which includes the appraisal as well as a detailed restoration work plan and send it to you for your approval.
  • Once you confirm the order (and pay the minimum 50% deposit), we schedule the order for processing.
  • In many cases, the first step is to strip the paint off the existing frame.  This process relies on an excellent outside service that may take as much as two weeks.  If a frame has significant corrosion, we check to for problems such as pinholes or other damage.
  • Once back from the stripper, the balance of the order handling begins.  This process can take two to six weeks.  Chrome-related operations (such as replating a fork) may take up to 8 weeks.
  • Once the order hits the paint department (usually 1-2 weeks from completion, we request the final payment for the order.


Tips for Success


Below are tips for making the restoration process go smoothly:

  • Get the serial number off the frame.
  • Remove all parts, including headcups, fork crown race, headbadge and bottom bracket.  We charge extra to handle these.
  • If you are planning on a repaint, pack well enough to avoid dents and other shipping damage.  Bike boxes may get thrown around, so make sure there is frame is firmly supported in the box.  It does not need to be wrapped like a mummy, which makes it as time consuming to unpack as it does to pack.  Avoid using shipping peanuts.
  • Inspect the frame and note all dents.
  • Be sure to insure your shipment and to add tracking for your shipment.