Gunnar Bullseye Reflective Top Mount Decal set -

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Product Details
Price per unit: 100 per set
Units in product: One Set
Brand: Gunnar
  • Works great over powder coat finishes.
  • Quality dry-app top mount decals decals with reflective properties like on road signs.
  • Includes head tube decal and two down tube decals in the top mount reflective version, plus clear coatable Gunnar mug icon, and model name if selected (where applicable).
  • Available in the regular Bullseye font in white, and the invert format in reflective black and white. For the invert format, the Gunnar Name shows underlying color.
  • Requires legitimate serial number.
  • Down tube logo approximately 8" x 1.5" (200 x 38mm).
  • Chain stay decal not included (by policy).
  • While these decals improve visibility, they are no substitute for proper lighting and reflectors for night riding.
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