As a custom bicycle framebuilder, each order is crafted to meet the needs of the individual rider, using the four F’s:

  • Function – how the bike will function for you.
  • Fit – how the fit accommodates your dimensions, objectives and preferences
  • Feel – how the bike will interact with the terrain – handling and stiffness
  • Finish – how you want your bike to be seen

We accomplish these goals with different technologies. While most designs can be build with any of our technologies, some technologies perform especially well for certain applications:

  • 33-Series Race-Ready: As the name implies, our Race Ready designs (known as the 33-series) performs exceptionally well in competition, thanks to True Temper’s S3 technology, which Waterford customizes to meet your individual needs.
  • 22-Series Artisan: Waterford’s lug-brazing sets the world standard for craftsmanship and performance. Offered as standard designs (with our clean Italian-Cut Lugs) as well as custom profiles, Waterford can build virtually any geometry in a lug design. Waterford’s custom profiles insure bikes of rare beauty and long service life.
  • Artisan Stainless 22-Series: The past few years have seen the development of stainless steels which bring high performance to a highly corrosion-resistant design.
  • 14-Series Vision: Fabricated from Waterford’s OS2 tube technology, the 14-Series offers an economical, flexible
    Waterford defines bike models by the technology used for fabrication.

For many people, it’s easier to look at a starting design, even a custom bike is being planned. Waterford has developed a number fine designs through its two decade plus history. To access these geometries, visit our Bike Categories page.