DIY Frame Dimensions

DIY (Do it yourself) Section

Waterford happily calculates the various frame dimensions based on your specified functional, fit and feel requirements. You can instead specify the desired frame dimensions. Unless noted, dimensions are noted in millimeters (tolerance -/+1) and angles in degrees (+/-.25 degrees).

Seat tube: Measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube/seat tube intersection.

Top tube (theo): The theoretical top tube length, measured horizontally from the top tube/head tube intersection to the the centerline axis of the seat tube. This measurement does not always intersect the actual seat tube. Sometimes it intersects a line in space.
Head Tube: Total length excluding brazed on head tube extensions (22-Series only).

Head Angle: In degrees.

Fork height: The distance along the steer tube axis from the center of the front axle to the fork’s crown race seat. If Waterford is building the fork, the fork height will affect the allowable brake and tire choices.

BB Drop: The BB drop is the vertical distance from the rear axle to the center of the bottom bracket.

Rear dropout spacing: This distance typically measures 120mm for track/fixed gear platforms, 130mm for geared road and cross bikes, and 135mm for off-road/disc/touring designs.

Chainstay Length: The distance from the center of the rear dropout to the center of the bottom bracket shell. The chainstay length may limit tire and/or chainring clearance.

Head Tube extension (HTX): A value between 1 and 20mm on lugged (22-Series) frames. Head tube extensions are strongly discouraged on polished stainless steel lug designs because of the unavoidable visible seam between the lug and the extension.