With Waterford, you don’t choose your bike, you choose what you want in your dream bike and we deliver, using up-to-date design and flexible fabrication systems. We make it simple by using the four F’s of bike design:

  • FUNCTION: How does the bike need to perform? Where will you ride? What components would you like to use? How much of a load will you want to carry?
  • FIT: How does your body need to interface with the bike? This typically begins with surveying your existing ride and taking skeletal measurements. Then a fitter works with you to determine your body’s points of contact on the new frame.
  • FEEL: Here we provide the opportunity to fine tune your ride. How do you want your Waterford to handle? How stiff or compliant do you want your bike to feel?
  • FINISH: How do you want your bike to look?

Our Order Form and Order Guide help you walk through the process. We recommend collaborating and ordering through your local Waterford dealer. A dealer provides many important services that lead to and result in a great bike and buying experience, including:

  • Fitting
  • Component Selection
  • Assembly
  • On-going Maintenance and Support

Working together, you end up with a terrific bike and a terrific experience.