Waterford performs a variety of repair and upgrade services on existing frames. For Waterfords, Gunnars and Schwinn Paramounts, Waterford can perform extensive repairs including:

  • Tube replacements
  • Lug replacements
  • Dropout replacements
  • S&S Coupler installation (may require top and/or downtube replacement).

Not all original tubes are still available. This may affect the repairability of individual frames.  In most cases these jobs will require stripping and repainting the frame.  For non-Waterford and Gunnar frames, the manufacturer’s warranty may be voided by this kind of modification.

Waterford may perform a wide variety of modifications to a many brands of steel frames:

  • Add water bottle bosses, rack mounts and other bosses.
  • Add/replace cable stops.
  • Dropout spreading (which may require replacing the brake bridge).

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.