As the bow is to the violin, the fork is a key component to the quality of the Waterford ride. Waterford builds a wide array of steel forks. For many applications, composite and other aftermarket forks make the most sense.

Which fork is best for you? It depends on your individual needs and desires.

Waterford’s road race designs work well with our composite fork offerings, blending the smooth ride of steel with the shock damping of composites.

Today’s composite forks do have limitations:

  • They come in a limited range of fork offsets, often at odds with other design objectives.
  • They are not designed for larger snd heavier riders.
  • They lack the ability to mount a front rack and in many cases, front fenders.
  • They fit only a limited range of brakes.
  • Many riders like the feel and confidence they enjoy with a well built Waterford steel fork.

That’s why we provide a thorough design review as part of the Waterford ordering process.