When you purchase a Waterford you become part of a bigger community of cycling enthusiast who enjoy all aspects of bike riding.

  • Our Summer Factory Ride Series is a great way to enjoy the southeast Wisconsin’s natural beauty and terrific roads.
  • As our roots our planted firmly in the excellent traditions of the Schwinn Paramount, we’ve developed a Paramount History Center to help historians, collectors and interested people to learn more about this legacy.
  • As part of our Paramount History project, we obtained a library of Schwinn Bicycle catalog scans going all the way back to the 1890’s. It’s come in handy for answering all sorts of questions.
  • Waterford’s racing continues to develop through it’s support of Team Mack Racing, an elite cycling team centered out of central Illinois, with riders from Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Wisconsin, as well.
  • Every summer, dozens of Waterford owners trek across our country and around the world. While most are private journeys, we hooked up with one determined, talented couple traveling around the world in a project called The Geography of Youth. We’re proud to be part of this effort.