Frame Details

Beyond the important matters of technology, sizing and component fit-up are a number of frame details that can enhance your riding experience.

Seatstay Treatment

This refers to the style of connection between the seatstays and the seat tube. Waterford typically uses the clean Fastback design. Side tack designs offer a more traditional look. With some stainless lug designs, side tack stays are required because of the limited lug surface area. 14-Series and 33-Series designs have Fastback stay treatments.

Water Bottle Bosses

You can order your Waterford with up to three sets of water bottle bosses; on the seat tube, on the top of the down tube, and underneath the down tube. Our default positions are designed to provide adequate clearance for 30 ounce bottles, while making the bottles as easy to reach as possible. On smaller frames, we locate the bosses about as close to the bottom of the seat tube as possible. We offer a higher position on bikes with a center to center seat tube measurement over 54 cm. You can request other boss positions. An additional charge may apply.

Pump Peg

Pump pegs can be installed on frames that have sufficient head tube length between the top tube and down tube. We discourage pump pegs on steep top tubes (over 6 degrees of slope) and where the physical top tube is over 60cm. Pump pegs are made of chromoly only. Stainless steel pump pegs can be fabricated for an upcharge.

Chain Hanger

The chain hanger became a popular custom option in the late 1980’s as a way to hold the chain when removing the rear wheel. It is easy enough to forget to put the chain back on the cog after using the chain hanger that we offer no warranty if it gets pulled off.

Front derailleur braze-on

Waterford prefers clamp-on derailleurs because of the flexibility to change drivetrains without restriction. Waterford uses 28.6mm outside diameter seat tubes. Because we do not trust many 28.6mm clamps available we recommend using a quality 31.8mm clamp, shimmed down to 28.6mm using the recommended Wheels Manufacturing shims (available through your dealer or Waterford).

If you choose to use a braze-on, please specify the manufacturer (SRAM, Campagnolo, or Shimano) and the number of teeth on the largest front chainwheel. This allows us properly locate the braze-on.

Brazed-on Headbadge: Waterford can braze on two styles of polished stainless steel headbadges, script and block. Additional charges apply.

Rear Rack Mounts

An external chromoly rear rack mount option is included with your frame order. On stainless steel frames, Waterford rack mounts take the form of threaded bosses drilled into the seatstays (with a 2mm alignment tolerance).

Rear Eyelets

Waterford offers zero, one, or two eyelets as an option for most of its dropouts. Not all dropout styles have the ability to accommodate two eyelets.

Derailleur Cable Routing

Waterford offers three methods of routing derailleur cables:

  • Downtube Cable Stops: Split stops on the downtube reduce interference between the derailleur cable casing and the front brake housing. In-line adjuster recommended at least for the front derailleur.
  • Downtube Shift Studs: This is the traditional method, even for STI or Ergo shifters. Requires a downtube shift adapter.
  • Head tube cable guides: Great adjustability but may have interference with the brake cable housing.
  Downtube Stops Downtube Shift Bosses Headtube Cable Guides

Rear Dropouts

For derailleur equipped designs, we offer several options, as presented below:

In addition, you can order Paragon sliding disc dropouts with a derailleur tab.