Bike Categories

While Waterford’s custom design process lets you build any bike you want, Waterford has developed a number of well-regarded designs:


Road Race: Clean, fast steering, maneuverable design for criteriums and road races.
Stage Race: Competition design with steering for long-distance races and high speeds.
Road Sport: General purpose road design for enthusiasts.
Sport Touring: Design for lightweight distance riding.
TT-Series Time Trial/Triathlon: Designs specifically for the race against the clock.


Adventure Cycle: For the nomad looking for the ultimate unsupported touring design.
X-Series Cyclocross: Competition design the makes a terrific off-season trainer, commuter and light tourer.

Fixed Gear

F-Series Track: Design for the rigors of competition track racing.
RF Road Fixed Gear: Perfect for developing a great pedal stroke with track dropouts, but road steering and toe clearance.

Classic Geometries

Below you can select the model and see the standard geometries associated with them. As we do today, there is a 33-Series (True Temper S3 tubing, 22-Series (lug construction) and 14-Series (TIG Welded OS and OS 2 construction. Don’t let the stock geometries limit you; make-to-measure fit is included with your Waterford.