Waterford offers a wide range of support products, services and resources:

  • Touch-up paint and small parts: Touch-up paint and small parts protect your finish and help keep your bike performing properly.
  • Register your Bike: Registering your Waterford gives you access to the original order information plus other helpful functions:

    • You can see your Waterford’s technical details for frames built after 2005.
    • Colors are listed, making it handy for ordering the right touchup paint.
    • Report stolen Waterfords. Occasionally, we have been able to assist in the recovery of stolen bikes.
    • Log your miles on your Waterford.

    We match your registration to the specific order, so a serial number is required. We will help you locate your frame. You can also register Gunnars, Paramounts, Rivendells and other bikes, though there’s no guaranty that we have any records on these bikes. Registration is not necessary for warranty support, nor does it give you warranty coverage where it would otherwise not apply.

  • Waterford Serial Numbers: Learn about how to interpret Waterford serial numbers.
  • Owner’s Manual and Warranty: The Owner’s Manual includes a statement of the Waterford warranty plus important instructions and recommendation about care and maintenance. Also included is a link to the Waterford Bike Care Guide, which elaborates on our recommendations for care of your paint and internal frame surfaces.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Qustions): We supplement all this with answer to loads of questions on all kinds of topics from design to ordering to care and maintenance.