Waterford offers just about the widest range of colors you can find in the world. We use the finest PPG show car paints on our carefully surface-prepared frames.


Included is your selection from Waterford’s selection of twenty two popular colors. Supplementing this are hundreds of colors from our PPG Color Guide, which you and/or your dealer can order from us. The Guide includes many special effects colors such as the Crystal Pearl, Liquid Crystal, Luminescence, Prizmatique and Flamboyance palettes. Non stock color come in five categories and involve upcharges:

  • 1-Step PPG Book Colors – such as the Hot Licks, Earth Wind and Street Silks.
  • 2-Step PPG Book Colors – including the Radiance candy colors.
  • PPG Special Effects Colors – Liquid Crystal, Crystal Pearl, Prizmatiques, Flamboyance and Luminescence palettes.
  • Other colors are available by quote.

We can also match colors from appropriately sized samples provided (there is also an upcharge for this service).

Waterford offers two styles of decals, the Classic (“Block”) and the Artisan (“Script”) decals. Both are two color decals, with a main color and an accent color.


Fades have been a staple of the racing set for years. Waterford offers many popular configurations. Below we highlight the three most popular choices:

Panels and other Masking

Another widely chosen styling is to add one or more panels or other special masking. Below are the typical styles. You’ll also find a drawing on the order form which lets you create your own stylings.