Loading / Racks: Your desired load capacity affects tube selection and steering design. It’s better to have a frame over-designed for every day riding than it is to be under-designed for unsupported touring. An under-designed frame is more subject to high speed wobble and may be harder to control, especially on descents.

We recommend front, as well as rear racks for loads over 20 pounds (10kg). If you plan to use a front rack please list the brand and model as the mounts are not standardized. We have a selection of front rack mount options that cover 80% of racks available. Mounting other racks may incur additional charges.
Light duty racks can mount off the brake bridge, avoiding the need for rack mounts. This can be desirable if you enjoy the clean look of a frame with a minimum amount of braze-ons.

For randonneurs, we offer standard mounts for Mark’s Rack from Rivendell. This rack is designed to support a light handlebar bag.

An external chromoly rear rack mount option is included with your frame order. On stainless steel frames, Waterford rack mounts take the form of threaded bosses drilled into the seatstays (with a 2mm alignment tolerance).